Creary Law Group P.C. is a General Practice Law Firm, with a core practice in the areas of Real Estate and Corporate Law

Commercial Real Estate

Our commercial experience will prove invaluable in the drafting of Contracts and other documents to guiding you through the nuances of the closing process. We have been involved in individual transactions of a magnitude of upwards of $5,000,000.00.

Residential Real Estate

We represent Buyers, Sellers as well as Mortgage Lenders in the purchase, sale and refinancing of real property.

Corporate Entity

We can guide you through the legal technicalities of Corporate, Partnership or Limited Liability Company law. We also prepare Non-Competition Agreements, Buy-Sell Agreements and any other document necessary for entity formation or the purchase and sale process.

Asset Purchase Transaction

If you are selling or buying a business, we can assist you.

Wills and Estate Planning / Estate Administration

We address a wide variety of Estate Planning concerns from the simplest of Last Wills and Testament to structured Trusts. We also represent the Estates of Decedents to ensure that their last requests are carried out and legally met.

Creary Law Group P.C.

Although the above are our core practice areas, we have the ability to assist in any other area of the law. If we are unable to assist you personally we have the experience to refer you to capable attorneys we have met during our nearly 30 years of practice.